How to prepare your own Solar Lotion effective without carcinogenic additives!

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Use a sunscreen is very important not only in summer, but should be used throughout the year if exposed to the sun or if you live in a place with warm and sunny weather.

The skin must be protected because the sun’s rays are harmful if we expose and hold to them because they can cause skin injuries or burns, aging spots or freckling among others.

To protect your skin from sunlight can prepare yourself your own natural sunscreen with a few simple ingredients and avoid using commercial sunscreens, many of them contain harmful chemicals.

The recipe of this natural sunscreen that will explain you then not only protects the skin from sunburn but also provides the skin with moisture and essential nutrients.

Recipe sunscreen.


-10 Drops of lavender oil.

-1 Tablespoon oil of Granada.

-3/4 C coconut oil.

-2 Tablespoons zinc oxide.

-2 Tablespoons of shea butter.


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