How to keep your fresh herbs twice as long with a simple trick

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We all like herbs. These so tasty plants are a great way to add flavor to our favorite foods without worrying about calories or sodium added.

These plants are full of health benefits ranging from fighting cancer to cure bad breath.

But these plants are also very delicate and can easily wither and die if they are not adequately addressed.

When we buy fresh herbs from the grocery store, we find that they can begin to fade after a few days and here are some reasons why your herbs do not reach dinnertime at the table with the remaining ingredients frescos.

Exposure to light

When we expose to the light delicate herbs like parsley, chervil or cilantro, we are damaging chlorophyll is in the leaves.

This makes green leaves turn yellow and die.

Exposure to oxygen

Exposure to excessive amounts of oxygen can actually kill your herbs, especially if these are damaged or bruised in any way.

Herbs like basil and mint can take color if your leaves are exposed to air for long periods of time.

Excessive moisture

When our herbs are very wet, we are promoting putrefaction and decomposition, making the stems and leaves in viscous and mildewed. You’ve probably experienced this when opening the crisper in your refrigerator.

Not enough moisture

This makes our herbs to dry because moisture they have inside evaporate into the air, losing its flavor and potency of herbs with her.
They are not only dying your herbs, but also the health benefits they have.


Most herbs are best preserved when kept in the refrigerator, but some herbs like basil and mint can be damaged by cold quickly causing hurt.

The best way to preserve your herbs as fresh is storing
This easy way to store your herbs will stay fresh for weeks to keep your refrigerator organized, and best of all you just need one thing.

This storage method works best for herbs like parsley, cilantro, mint, chervil, fresh thyme and oregano.

The first thing to do is wash the herbs thoroughly. The best way to do this is to let the herbs soak in a container or simply filling the sink with water.

Then we have to get rid of the leaves or stems that look like they are starting to fade.

Storing herbs with leaves appear to be dying only promotes death in the rest of the plant.

Thoroughly dry your herbs with some kitchen paper. Make sure there is no excess moisture.

Now, here it is the key for storing your herbs. You need a bag of frozen or canned vacuum flask.

Cut the bottom of the stems and place the cut stems in water. We turned the leaves gently on whether and close the bag of frozen goods or close the lid.

This method protects your herbs from excessive cold, light and moisture, while they do not let dry.

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