How to Eat on Vacation, Cheat Meals + How We Eat on Vacation

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We just got back from a vacation and a question that came flooding in was regarding how we eat while we’re on vacation – Do we cheat? Do we maintain the same clean diet as we do at home? We know a lot of you end up wringing your hands about this one so we thought we’d share our outlook on it.

When we go on vacation, we don’t waste our time or energy worrying about calories. We eat what we want and we drink what we want, relaxing and enjoying ourselves to the fullest extent possible. That doesn’t mean that all of the food that we eat is unhealthy, it just means that we don’t allow ourselves to overthink it at a time when we’re supposed to be decompressing. We’re also very active on our vacations, hiking, swimming, walking everywhere, surfing, wind sailing, boogie boarding, you name it. We’ve probably gained a few pounds on our vacations before but you know what? We wouldn’t know it, because we’re not going to go home and jump on the scale and beat ourselves up over it. It’s really not worth stressing over. We go straight back into our normal clean diet and Fitness Blender workouts, and we would never know the difference.

There are two things that you need to think about when considering your vacation and your eating habits – first, how often do you get to go on vacation, and second, how long is your vacation?

If you’re going to be gone for less than a week, there’s only a certain amount of damage that you can do – although that’s definitely not a license to eat complete junk and be completely sedentary while you’re away. If you’re gone for more than a week, you’re going to need to think about ways to incorporate a good amount of physical activity (like any one of our hundreds of free workout videos) and finding some ways to maintain a relatively clean diet – cooking at least some of your own meals, or making mostly healthy choices when eating out at restaurants.

If you get to vacation very infrequently, that’s another reason to turn down the dial on your vacation weight gain concerns. As long as you are able to get home and snap right back into your normal habits of eating clean and working out on a regular basis, there’s no reason to spoil your vacation with obsessing over what might be happening with your scale weight.

One thing that helps is eating and exercising for reasons of health, and not the “perfect body” or a certain number on the scale. Weight loss might be most people’s number one goal, but really it’s a pretty weak motivator when it comes down to it. Eating predominately healthy and working out makes you feel good, and you want to feel good on vacation, so allowing yourself cheat meals and cheat days while away is fine, but you also want to fuel your body in a way that makes you feel your best – finding a combination of taking care of yourself while on vacation while not obsessing about calories and weight loss or gain is most ideal.

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