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How Depression affects your mind and your body and health!

Depression is a serious mental illness that not only affects the brain and behavior interfering with daily activities and routine but affects the whole body and quality of life.

Signs and symptoms of depression include feelings of continual sadness, hopelessness, irritability, loss of interest, feeling of permanent tiredness, difficulty sleeping or difficulty concentrating among others.

Of the numerous investigations which is subject to this disease, research by the University of Granada has been scientifically proven that depression is not just a mental illness, but carries significant alterations of oxidative stress, which could explain well the relationship between depression and certain diseases.

The researchers of this study found out what happens in the body in patients with depression, and found that there is a rise in the levels of oxidative stress, especially malondialdehyde and reduced substances that act as antioxidants such as uric acid or zinc.

Scientists comprobaros that after drug treatment malondialdehyde levels are so reduced as levels of uric acid and zinc rose.

This research highlights the correlation between depression and a variety of health conditions such as chronic pain, increased risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease as well as the correlation between depression and cancer.




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