Household tips for growing eyebrows

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Our eyebrows deserve an important care, like the rest of the body. We know that they give definition to our appearance and make us look much younger.

If your eyebrows are thick and have a perfect way, you will look much more attractive than if you had thinner eyebrows. They are the most important expression of our face and eyes that frame. They are the most precious beauty.

There are several factors why not have wonderful eyebrows, such as lack of vitamins, too much sacrifice, hormonal problems, stress, nervousness, etc. Influencing the thickness of the eyebrows.

But you can improve and accelerate the growth of them with some home remedies that give you to know.

household tips for growing eyebrows

Aloe vera or Aloe Vera:

-Apply Aloe juice eyebrows because it stimulates their growth.

You must use fresh aloe leaves for best results.


It is rich in vitamins and proteins that give hair roots producing faster growth.

-Empapar A cotton ball in milk.

Then rub gently in the area of the eyebrows, at night.

-Enjuagar In the morning with plenty of water.


The onion juice has sulfur and stimulates growth by increasing blood circulation in the area.

-Frotar Onion juice gently with a cotton eyebrows.

-Let Act for a few hours.

Then wash with mild facial cleanser.


-Apply Vaseline making a mask.

It keeps brows in place and the results are evident in a few weeks.

-The Remains straight and firm, that the hydrates and conditions.

Coconut oil:

-Accelerating Making it thicker growth.

-Apply Directly all night.


-Applying Rosemary oil and mix with any oil, such as baby.

It -Ayudará to soften the aroma and prevents skin irritation.

-Apply Daily.


Eating foods rich in vitamin B and D daily, will help combat some eyebrows harmful effects such as having mascara or some other type of makeup.

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