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We all want to have a long, beautiful and perfect lashes.

But it is not always so easy to keep tabs so, due to the use of makeup, mascara or dyed, and they fall easily and also become weaker.

According to the treatment you give lashes, grow, fortify or weaken. It is necessary to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, eating five raw vegetables daily.

It is recommended to consume different types of fruit and the necessary nutrients are obtained to maintain not only beautiful lashes, but also hair, nails and teeth strong and beautiful.

Tips to have beautiful eyelashes:

You must eat oats, important food that helps the growth of eyelashes, giving them strength because it is rich in silicon. It is easy to prepare, can be consumed in smoothies, soups, breakfast or when you cook can be combined with flour.

You should avoid stressful situations, because eyelashes like hair is weakened and fall, it is difficult to perceive, but it happens in the same way and intensity.

Consume vitamin H, also known as biotin, it helps the rapid growth and strengthened.

It can be found in foods that have complex B as:

-Sardinas. –
-Bananas. –
Yeast beer.
Whole – grains.

Eating nuts in midmorning, such as:

Almonds, walnuts, peanuts.

Consuming antioxidants that have vitamins C and E. They are found in:

Kiwi, lemon, orange, tangerine, green vegetables, avocado.

Drinking a glass of juice at breakfast.

Sleep without makeup, because these are chemicals that weaken them.

Always comb the lashes with a soft brush.

Natural products that beautify the eyelashes:


Apply and leave overnight and rinse in the morning.

Olive oil:

It is a natural conditioner for eyelashes.

Rub with oil a few drops at night at the base of growth of eyelashes and eyelids, gently. In the morning rinse with water.

Do it for 2 months and your lashes will grow strong and healthy.

Emu Oil:

It will give you energy, growing strong and thick.

Apply with a swab or cotonitos for ears from root to tip.

This oil is recommended for all cosmetic, need not be applied only at night, can be done in the day, also it gives a special glow look.

Olive oil and lemon juice:

For fast and sustainable growth: You must apply 4 parts olive oil and one part fresh lemon juice in a jar, shake well.

Then apply a small amount with a cotton bud at the base, leaving 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water and dry without rubbing. Apply 2 times a day, you can keep in the fridge only 3 days.

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