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Healthy Kitchen Hacks for the Home Cook

Food for Thought:

98a2d54297df9fdd9a2d225efe1eaccb-card-tallThis month’s hack is served up by Elizabeth Falkner, a James Beard Foundation Award nominee who was named Pastry Chef of the Year by Bon Appétit magazine. She’s also been a three-time competitor on Food Network Challenge and a contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters.

Get Inspired

Break out of your comfort zone when you’re cooking. Buy a new cookbook, cozy up with a recipe blog your friends rave about, or make it your goal to try one new recipe each week. It’s a great (and fast) way to have a lot more fun in the kitchen and remember how much you love making food for your family. Trying something new—especially when that something is super-delicious—is the best way to stop thinking of cooking as a chore and start thinking of it as an exploration that literally nourishes you.



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