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Health Benefits of Beets

When it comes to beets you really should be eating the whole beet, rather than just beet roots or, even worse, sugar beets. While beets can have high levels of carbohydrates they are still very beneficial to you. Here are the top five health benefits of beets


Reduces Blood Pressure
Beet juice is known to reduce your blood pressure and it’s so effective that it can start to work in just hours. A study showed that drinking just one glass of beet juice was enough to reduce your systolic blood pressure by up to 4 points. The reason for this blood pressure reducing power is likely the nitrates that naturally occur in beets. The body converts these into nitric oxide, which relaxes you and dilates the blood vessels. This makes it easier for blood to flow through them, which reduces blood pressure.

Fights Inflammation
Beets are one of the only sources of betaine, which is a nutrient that protects the cells, enzymes, and proteins in your body from environmental stress. Betaine is also known to fight inflammation, shield your internal organs, reduce the risk of vascular problems, enhance your performance, and keep chronic diseases at bay. Fighting inflammation does a whole world of good for your body and can help with almost every problem that you have.

Stamina and Performance
The nitrates in beets that reduce blood pressure also improve your overall stamina and performance. Athletes eat a lot of beets because nitrates have been known to boost endurance. Beets also turn your urine pink, which is why you might notice athletes pee pink/crimson. One study showed that cyclists that drank beet juice lasted 15% longer than those that didn’t. The author of the study concluded you need around five beets to get the performance boost and the boost is felt a few hours after drinking the juice.

Brain Health
The nitric oxide that relaxes your blood vessels does more than just reduce blood pressure; it also improves your brain function. Keeping the brain healthy is vital as you age because your body’s natural ability to produce nitric oxide, so you need to give it an outside boost with the help of beets. Eating a higher-nitrate diet, such as one that contains beets, boosts blood flow to your frontal lobe; which controls your focus, organisational skills, and attention to detail.

Liver Health
Your liver is the main thing keeping your blood clean and detoxifying your body. Eating beets is a great way to keep your liver healthy because the betaine inside of it prevents fat from building up in the liver. Betaine has proven to be effective for both rats and humans. In rats beet juice increased the levels of detoxifying enzymes in the bloodstream while in humans with diabetes it made the liver smaller, improved liver function, and reduced cholesterol levels.

While you can get these health benefits of beets from beet roots, it’s recommended that you stick to whole green beets. Beet roots are so filled with carbs and sugar they are best eaten only a few times a week, whereas the green beet is good enough to eat as much as you want of.

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