Headache reveals that part of your body is sick

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Headaches are a common condition that almost any person has suffered or suffers at some point and may be due to several causes that should be considered for treatment.

While there is a simple remedy is to eat bananas and drink plenty of water to reduce the headache, this trick is not always effective because not all headaches are equal and therefore the treatment for each of them must differ.

Headaches can be caused by many reasons such as fatigue or dehydration, but can also be an indicator of a problem more serious health, so we must learn to differentiate between a common headache and others who may be a warning sign of a health problem.

Below we list 4 of the most common types of headache and how to treat them with natural remedies.

  1. Sinus headache.

Inflammation of the sinuses can cause severe headache due to infection.


-Drink Plenty of fluids.

-Consume Vitamin C rich foods that help the body fight infections.

-Use Of hot and cold compresses and taking ginger helps reduce the inflammation that causes pain.

  1. Tension headache.

Headaches cause excruciating pain causing constant pressure around the head, usually in the back, neck or temples.

Headaches also create a pressure in the eye and often cause headache nausea or vomiting.


-Apply A little peppermint oil on the hairline as it provides a cooling sensation that helps relax the muscles of the head and neck.

-Take Ginger tea helps reduce inflammation and therefore pain.


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