Harden your nails with green tea

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Having pretty nails is essential for women, because they reflect the state of health. Know that all the ills of our body focus on nails.

For this you must have a healthy and complete diet, you should not miss in the diet, nuts, ingredients rich in vitamin C, yeast and seafood, and have strong and healthy nails.

You should avoid hot water in your hands for a long time, also you should use gloves in different housework for detergents do not spoil your nails and let brittle and weak.

Then we recommend using green tea to keep your nails beautiful and strong.

Recipe to strengthen nails:

1 packet of green tea.

1 glass of water.

3 or 4 drops of tea tree oil, this is optional.

-Put Green tea with water to the fire.

When it starts to boil remove.

-put A glass infusion.

-Let Stand for 20 minutes.

-Put The liquid in a bowl without the teabag.

-Add If you want a few drops of essential oil of tea tree.

‘This ingredient has antiseptic properties, ending with fungi are those who put weak nails.

Then he put this liquid into a bowl, dip nails.

-Let Stand within about 5 minutes.

You must be very clean and unpolished to be effective nails.

-Make This procedure 2 or 3 times a week.

Green tea harden your nails because of the antioxidants it has and prevents become brittle and weak.

Besides green tea and essential oil of tea tree, whiten nails and remove the yellowish hue that often appears on its surface.

Benefits of this remedy:

It’s economic.

Prevents nails are made weak and break easily.

Combat fungi.

It is a natural remedy, without chemicals that affect your nails and easy to prepare.

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