Frames It In Style


A trio of sepia-tone prints by Mexican photographer Casasola creates a simple but striking composition on a cornflower blue wall. Sepia refers to the reddish-brown tone that distinguishes these images. Because each photo is embossed in the lower right corner, stamped on the back, and given a version number to help identify its worth, we wanted to have access to the prints. By hinge-mounting them, we can easily remove the photographs from their mount boards.

Though these photos are unrelated, we still created a coordinated look with one custom and one store-bought frame. The top photo was treated with a custom-made gunmetal gray aluminum frame with a grainy finish, while the bottom photo received a shiny, ready-made charcoal gray aluminum frame that came with a mat. Like many old pictures, neither is a standard size, so we also had a mat custom-cut for the bottom one rather than use the mat that came with the frame.

Both photos are surrounded by mats that complement their particular faded or yellowed tones, and each has a dark line around the photograph to define it. Around the top photograph, the dark line is created by a gray undermat. The bottom photo is framed by a mat board with a black core that’s revealed by a bevel cut.

Propping a framed piece, as opposed to hanging it on the wall, allows you to easily substitute other photos and accessories for a different effect or seasonal look. We placed this old picture of a monk looking out to the Mediterranean on a white fireplace mantel. Nonslip tabs on the bottom of the frame ensure it won’t slide to the floor.

This photo is double-matted with acid-free, conservation-quality mat board. Contrasting with the pink wall, the pale blue bottom mat helps draw the eye to the image. On top, an unbleached linen mat with natural flecks provides visual texture. The carved frame contributes to the exotic mood of the picture.

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