Avoid these foods if you don’t like to be ill longer than necessary. Maybe you received a vaccine against fly or maybe you are washing your hands ‘a hundreds of times’ daily, but all of this cannot guarantee that you will not be affected by some of the viruses that are present this year.

    When the flu virus attacks you, the last thing you want is to worsen the symptoms like nasal congestion, pain through the whole body and general malaise. Therefore, avoid juices and other sweetened beverages, milk products, alcohol and refined carbohydrates.

    Actually, some of them enhance the infection or cause appearance of mucus, while the alcohol dehydrates our body even more than it is dehydrated due to the illness.

    Juices and Other Sweetened Beverages

    All of the juices that can be found on the market shelves are loaded with sugar which causes inflammation that weakens our body’s ability to fight against the infection. This is the case for every other food rich in sugar including cookies, candies and cakes. Instead this, you should drink teas sweetened with honey and plenty of water. If you like to have snacks between the meals, have a fruit or popcorns. You will be glad that you did so.

    Milk Products

    You may have heard that milk, yogurt and similar products aren’t causing mucus, but in some people the mucus that is already in the throat could become denser and less tolerable. If you notice that the milk products cause these negative effects in you, reduce the intake or don’t consume them at all until the flu is gone. If your organism tolerates the milk products, this is even better for you because these products are rich in proteins and vitamin D which are of great help for the fight against infections. Yogurt is probiotic that balances the intestinal bacteria.


    You don’t give up from the alcohol even when you feel that your body is already affected by the illness. Alcohol causes inflammation that weakens the white blood cells, which reduces the body’s ability to fight against the illness. Alcohol dehydrates your body even more than it is dehydrated due to the illness, and dehydration rapidly increases the alcohol levels in the blood making you drunk. If you don’t like to wake up in the morning with increased temperature and hangover, skip the drink.

    Refined Carbohydrates

    Toasted bread and crackers are usual food when we are ill. But this will not bring you any good. These are refined carbohydrates which are quickly transformed into sugar, which results with increased glucose in the blood. As mentioned before, the sugars disrupt our body’s ability to fight against the infections. You should eat whole grain bread in these cases.

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