Don’t Buy Avocados Anymore. Instead Grow Them at Home in a Small Pot!

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The latest modern fad for diets is the avocado. It is amazing in guacamole and is healthy besides tasty. Many benefits arise from this fruit. Avocado has a bunch of essentials like vitamins B5, B6, C, E, K, potassium and much more. It has loads of fibers and fatty acids that are the healthiest there are, like the olive oil.

Since it can be made into many recipes, it is even more popular with each day.

You can add it to ANY dish for color, taste, aroma, flavor and have a healthy meal.

This is how to grow it. It is simple, in few steps only:

1. Sprout the seed of avocado


Take the seed of the inside and put toothpicks in it. Place them half way from the top with same distance in between.  Put the seed in a cup with water to be dimpled and soaked in inch water. See the image below for the toothpicks. The seed can soak for even 6 weeks and away from sun. now at this time you will see sprouting roots. When the stem is 6 inches, cut it to 3. Allow the roots to become thick and grow faster and more.

2. Planting


fill 10 inch diameter pot with good soil. Put the seeds in the small hole in the soil center and make sure the roots are half exposed. For more drainage, use terra cotta pot. The soil must be moist all times and water it a lot. If the leaves get yellow color or fall down, let the seed become dry and keep with the watering but less now. If the leaves are brown and dry, the avocado needs more water. Put the pot in the sink and let water flow.

3. Enjoy the fruit

This is it! The final stage. Keep watering the fruit and you can see nice avocado shape but be patient.

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