Doctor confesses to have cured many women of uterine cancer using only 3 herbs

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The nature again surprises us with its amazing properties. But you know what? It seems even more wonderful than a health care professional to confirm it.

Womb cancer or uterine cancer is one of the most common cancer in women species and is usually very quick to detect. And it is that symptoms can manifest itself even in the early stages, the most common sign and alerter abnormal vaginal bleeding, ie unusual bloody vaginal secretions and menstrual periods outside are observed.

Dr. Marina Lorenz Enriquez, a surgeon at the University of Chile, confesses this recipe and declares that cured many women suffering from uterine cancer.

Treatment is based on 3 herbs (The 3 herbs that help us fight uterine cancer)

1. Manzanilla
2. Matico
3. Plantain

The first is decongestant, second and third cicatrizing, anti-cancer

In preparation:

1. should be used in as many Chamomile and Plantain on a liter of boiling water.

2. Let stand until room temperature.

3. The strained liquid empties an irrigator.

4. This instrument proceeds to a deep vaginal enema once, for
which the patient supine on a flat is positioned to receive the liquid.

5. Do not use pear, but irrigator so that the result is satisfactory.


Treatment to cure uterine cancer should be repeated every day.

Then in one month we can see the improvement with ulcer healing and disappearance of tumors.

Also it is always recommended that patients with uterine cancer who undergo therapies or alternative methods to help them overcome the disease. Promote their welfare as far as possible.

These include:

  • The practice of meditation to combat stress
  • Acupuncture to reduce pain
  • Family support
  • Joining support groups for uterine cancer
  • The use of natural remedies to lessen the effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, etc.

To this, it is important to add healthy lifestyles, with special attention to food. It is essential to include in the diet foods that help reduce the proliferation of tumor cells.

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