Do You Think Eating Snow is Dangerous? Read and Find Out!!

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Have you ever tried eating  snow? Especially when you were a child? We know that every child while playing in the snow wants to try it!

However, experts agree that the snow is not good for eating, and there are many reasons.

Do You Think That Eating Snow is Dangerous Read and Find Out!!

There is a risk of throat and tonsils inflammation as well as infections, and this is because the seemingly purest white snow contains impurities and chemicals.

If you eat a little snow, it does not mean that you will immediately get sick, but it is proven that the slightest amount of snow contains potentially harmful contaminants from the air.

So it doesn’t mean that it will immediately harm the human body, but it is potentially dangerous.

Frank Vanier, a chemist from the University of Toronto, said the atmosphere very effectively spreads the chemicals, so industrial waste particles in the air above India, can be found in the snow in northern Canada and in five days only.
Silk Wilms, a nutritionist who is working for one health insurance company in Hamburg believes that children will not be harmed if they eat a little snow.

As added, the snow is actually another form of distilled water, and can bind the minerals in the body, but they can be recompensed with consuming other food.

Be careful that your children do not eat the snow along the roads, which is contaminated with dog urine or the salt which is usually thrown on the streets.

Doctor Jeff Gaffney, a scientist from the Institute Argon National Laboratory, says that flakes may contain substances which float in the air as chemicals that can be found in acid rain, bacteria, sulfates, nitrates and even lead from parts of the world where leaded fuel is used.

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