Do You Have the Money Plant in Your Home? It Cleans the Air and Brings Good Luck!

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hey call it ” Devil’s ivy” or “money plant ” because it is believed to bring good luck, but Epipremnum aureum these days is  best known for its ability to purify the air. This simple plant absorbs even the formaldehyde.

Do You Have the Money Plant in Your Home It Cleans the Air and Brings Good Luck

Epipremnum aureum, or “golden ivy” is one of the plants that have become popular primarily due to the fact that you can grow it easily and does not require any special care. However, recently people  start to be aware about its beneficial effect on human health.

It can remove formaldehyde from the air, and many other harmful chemicals. For us it is important that about 70 percent of body detoxification is done through breathing and  therefore it is extremely important to live and work in places with clean air.

This interesting plant is easily grown and you can place it directly in the sunlight, except when is too hot outside because the sun can literally burn the leaves. The light affect the leaves’color. They can be with dark or  light color. Epipremnum requires  regular watering, but you should not exaggerate. The root should not remain long in the water. If you see brown spots on the leaves, you should water the plant more

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