Do You Feel Headache And Nausea While Looking On Your Phone? If So Then You Have This Disease

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The expanded usage of mobile phones is “to blame” for many social illnesses nowadays. But did you know that your smartphone can really make you physically ill?

Scientists have called this condition “cyber disease” and it affects 80 percent of the population that owns smartphones and tablets.

Do You Feel Headache And Nausea While Looking On Your Phone If So Then You Have This Disease

This so called “cyber disease” causes nausea and instability, and it appears due to the scrolling of the sites, seeing rapid movement on the screen, and even chase in action movies.

If the visual content is very realistic, there are even greater chances of getting a “cyber disease”.

– This is a natural response to the unnatural environment – says Siriel Dils, a cognitive psychologist.

Symptoms of this condition include headache, retching, confusion and a strong need to be in a sitting position. However, often this “cyber disease” can manifests itself in many more subtle ways, and people in these situations think that these symptoms are due to stress and tiredness of their eyes.

Some studies have shown that women are more susceptible to this condition than men, and that people who are self-confident and secure are more likely to suffer from “cyber sickness”.


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