Do This Exercise 4 Minutes for 28 Days and You Will Have a NEW BODY!

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If you really want to have amazing body shape accept this challenge as thousands of people around the world did.

If you want to strengthen the central body part, plank is the perfect exercise for you. Because beginners think that this exercise is easy, they often avoid it.

Do This Exercise 4 Minutes for 28 Days and You Will Have a NEW BODY!

Plank will strengthen external and internal muscles of the back, buttocks, arms and legs. It will also melt more fat than sit ups.

You need to stay in push-up position so the muscles would be activated in the same way as when doing push-ups which with time will become stronger and durable.

The Plank Challenge should last for four weeks and its intensity gradually increases every day.

Start the challenge with staying in plank position for 20 sec and the final goal is to endure in that position for four minutes. Your body after this will be able to win bigger challenges and the muscle mass will be enlarged.

Pay attention to make a proper position while you are doing the prank. Make sure that your body is in straight line while you lift it on the elbows and you lean your toes.

To stay in proper position, take a deep breath and make sure that the head and the neck are in the same line with the back. Achieve balance in way you distribute the weight on the elbows and the feet.

Complete this 28 days challenge after you learn how to make a proper body position:

Day 1: 20 seconds

Day 2: 20 seconds

Day 3: 30 seconds

Day 4:  30 seconds

Day 5:  40 seconds

Day 6:  rest

Day 7:  45 seconds

Day 8:  45 seconds

Day 9:  60 seconds

Day 10:  60 seconds

Day 11:  60 seconds

Day 12:  90 seconds

Day 13:  rest

Day 14:  90 seconds

Day 15:  90 seconds

Day 16:  120 seconds

Day 17:  120 seconds

Day 18:  150 seconds

Day 19:  rest

Day 20:  150 seconds

Day 21:  150 seconds

Day 22:  180 seconds

Day 23:  180 seconds

Day 24:  210 seconds

Day 25:  rest

Day 26:  210 seconds

Day 27:  240 seconds

Day 28:  longest you can

In the first 20 sec you will see that the plank is quite demanding position. Different kinds of challenges are linked with different body parts. The procedure is similar. Instead of doing plank you can make more sit-ups or crunches.

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