Dad Horrified When He Learns This “Healthy Habit” Literally Melted a Hole in One of His Lungs

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Dad Horrified When He Learns This “Healthy Habit” Literally Melted a Hole in One of His Lungs

According to many vaping is the healthier alternative to smoking. However not everyone agrees, at least not this man, who had a hole melted in his lung, and all due to a poorly-assembled vape made in China.

As The U.K. Sun reports, a man named Richard Courtney, was smoker for over a decade when he purchased the £100 (roughly $150) vaporizer. This vaporizer was supposed to turn a liquid nicotine mixture into vapor.

Richard still cannot believe that vaping put him in the hospital. He started vaping when he decided to try give up smoking after being an active smoker for 16 years.

As Richard says, he noticed that something was wrong when he was walking home from a friend’s house and he tasted a weird fluid in his mouth. At that point, he started coughing uncontrollably.

Courtney says that at that moment he felt like he had a trapped nerve in his shoulder and in the morning he had a really tight chest and he also had problems breathing. He went to the hospital immediately.

One of the nurses in the hospital took his vape and put it on an oxygen tube, which showed that the vape was spitting liquid out.

The hot liquid wasn’t vaporizing but instead leaking down into his lungs, and this is why a perforation had opened up as the heated fluid burned away his flesh.

This liquid burned his flesh so badly that he had only 25 percent function in his right lung. At that moment, Richard Courtney, a father of three, was hooked up to a ventilator.

Luckily he had to stay hooked up to a ventilator for only one night. He was kept over the night at the Acute Medical Unit of East Surrey Hospital. Richard was discharged the next morning with an inhaler.

At that point, everyone believed that everything was going to get back to normal again. However after only five days, Richard felt tightness in his chest and he was put back in the hospital again.

Even though he had so many health problems due to this horrible habit, the worst thing is that he still smokes and does not even thinks about quitting.

He says that he would like to quit, but he is such an addict that he thinks that he will never stop smoking.

KangerTech, the maker of the e-cigarette, did not respond to press inquiries. However this is not a surprise.

Richard story should be a lesson for all those vapers. And one thing you should keep in mind is that a new lung is always going to be way more expensive than whatever you save.

Now after reading this article would you vape?


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