The famous cranberry has distinctly medicinal properties. It is rich in various vitamins such as vitamin C and A, and minerals. It has a high level of potassium in it. Studies have shown that cranberry have beneficial effect against bacterial infections of the urinary tract.

    Cranberry prevents bacteria sticking to the walls of the urinary channel.Cranberry - Natural Antibiotic

    It works to combat ulcers and successfully eliminates the risk of various diseases of the teeth and gums.

    Cranberry fruit is packed with anthocyanins, organic acids and proanthocyanidins. It is also rich in bioflavonoids, which act as an antioxidant that prevents aging of the organism, have positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, and is effective against cancers such as breast cancer and cancer of the colon.

    Due to the high levels of vitamin A, is good in restoration of vision and is suitable for diabetics because it lowers blood sugar. During the flu and the common cold, it is recommended to take the wealth of vitamin C which acts as a preventative. If you have a deficiency of vitamin C in the body, renew it with cranberries .Every day you should drink fresh juice of cranberries and your immune system will be strengthened.

    It would be best to take fresh cranberries, or in the form of juice.

    Cranberries are used for a variety of pastries and cakes. If you want to sweeten your day, try cranberry marmalade and certainly you won’t regret it.

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