Coffee with Butter: A New Amazing Drink That Can Replace A Meal & Burn Kilograms

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Smoothie made of coffee, butter, and coconut oil will energize you, give you a feeling of satiety, help you lose weight, and build muscle (in combination with proper food and exercises).

Even though this combination doesn’t seem so tempting at first sight, Dave Asprey, the creator of the coffee brand ‘Bulletproof coffee’ whose name this drink bears, claims that it is delicious and above all it gives you a prolonged feeling of satiety. Many of the people who have tried this recipe claim that it is the creamiest and most satiating coffee they have ever tried.121

The combination of coffee with butter is a true meal replacement, and Asprey admits that he has lost around 40 kg thanks to this extraordinary drink. Besides the delicious taste, the coffee prepared this way also gives a different kind of energy from the one that we receive from a regular cup of coffee. Namely, as a result of the high content of fat, this type of coffee delays the time needed for the processing of caffeine in the body, or simply said it increases the energy level and slows down its fast decline.

This coffee is definitely for caffeine ‘addicts’ and those fervent gym visitors, who exercise regularly and eagerly want to build bigger muscles.

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