Coffee vs. Orange Juice: Which Should You Drink in the Morning?

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When you feel tired or sleepy, you usually drink a cup of coffee. It is logically because coffee contains caffeine which is proven to stimulate the brain and in this way you can easily fight drowsiness. But usually after a few hours the drowsiness comes back. That is why you should try other options, especially those without caffeine.  One of them is orange juice.

Coffee vs Orange Juice Which Should You Drink in the Morning

The latest research has shown that a glass of orange juice (240ml) can stimulate your brain and that it will help you stay alert until late afternoon.

The Study on Orange Juice

Researchers from Reading University in Berkshire have proven that orange juice is more beneficial than coffee when it comes to improving concentration, alertness and reaction time. 24 men were included in the study for two days in which they run a series of mental tests.

-On the first day, before they did the mental tests, they drank a glass of orange juice.

-On the other day, the young men drank sugary water that tasted like orange juice.


The results then were compiled and studied. The researchers concluded that the men had better results after they had a real orange juice. They were quicker in finishing the tests and were more concentrated European Journal of Nutrition has published the study in which it is also said that the participants were alerted the next 6 hours after drinking the juice.

According to the research, orange juice is so effective because it is rich in flavonoids instead of caffeine. Flavonoids are proven to have beneficial effect on the overall health. They can be found in numerous fruits and vegetables, like in citrus fruits and berries. They improve the blood flow to the brain which allows the information to pass in and out of the brain easily.

So, next time you need to improve your brain function, do not drink a cup of coffee. Instead, drink a glass of orange juice to improve your concentration and alertness. But you must drink freshly-squeezed juice and not the one in powdered form or the one bought in the stores.

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