Caution: Here’s what Happens with Your Bones When You Crack Your Knuckles!

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Later in life, your hands will start shaking. You’ll get arthritis. You’ll suffer from rheumatism … These are just some of the warnings you’ve heard if you often stretch joints and crack your knuckles.  A new video shows exactly what happens.

Because of drastic fall in pressure when the joint is separated by cracking, the fluid in the joints known as synovial fluid, turns partially into a gas.

The sound we hear is actually the gas bubbling while coming out of the liquid. Is it safe?

To refute the thesis about  arthritis, the 60 years old doctor Donald Unger crack knuckles only on the left arm, on the right never.

He didn’t get arthritis either. He won IG Nobel medicine award for his research given for silly achievements.

The only danger of cracking knuckles is if you run into someone around to whom it really, really bothers, and that someone has a criminal record, is six feet tall and has a bad temper.

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