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Gracious Guest Room

Give a plain twin bed majesty and drama by topping it with this simple sheer canopy.To fashion the canopy, you’ll need approximately 7 yards of fabric. (For a different size bed, estimate the yardage needed by measuring the width of the bed and tripling the measurement. The fabric should be …

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Curtain tie-backs

Curtains can be caught back with an array of tassels, ropes and braids or brackets. Tie-backs and brackets create a degree of fullness and give the curtain additional shape, and allow additional light into a room. Tip: for a personalised touch try decorating your tie-backs with cross-stitch, braid, even glass beads …

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Frames It In Style

A trio of sepia-tone prints by Mexican photographer Casasola creates a simple but striking composition on a cornflower blue wall. Sepia refers to the reddish-brown tone that distinguishes these images. Because each photo is embossed in the lower right corner, stamped on the back, and given a version number to …

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