Best 5 Natural Oils for Your Hair

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tural oils are used for many purposes and one of the best uses of these oils is for treating the hair. Hair are one of the most important part of our body. They play a vital role in making our personality beautiful. Everyone of us wants our hair to new silky and shiny as well as healthy. There are many ways to get healthy and shiny hair but using natural oils are one of the most effective method. In our today’s article, we bring you best five natural oils for your hair. We will discuss their benefits and importance for the hair.


1. Tea Tree Essential Oil:


Jair dandruff is a very common hair problem faced by most of the people. If you have are facing a similar problem and also some fungal infection on your scalp, then the tea tree essential oil is the perfect natural oil for you. You can treat hair problems like dandruff and fungal infection by using this oil because tea tree essential oil has antiseptic properties. It will remove dead cells from your scalp as well as moisturize your scalp at the same time.


2. Rosemary Essential Oil:


Rosemary essential oil is very useful for your hair. This natural oil can stimulate the hair growth very effectively. It also helps to prevent hair lose and baldness. Rosemary essential oil makes your hair very healthy and shiny. You can use rosemary oil as a conditioner as well.


3. Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender herb and essential oil

Lavender oil helps to prevents your hair from breaking and also treats the itchy scalp problem. Lavender Essential Oil also helps in stimulating the hair growth. It has a property that soothes your scalp and thus it is perfect for weak and damaged hair. It is the best essential oil for all type of hair.


4. Lemon Essential Oil:


Lemon is used to treat many skin problems. Due to it’s innumerable properties, Lemon is also used to treat hair problems. Lemon essential oil is very effective in treating damaged hair. If you are suffering from problems like dandruff and lice,  then you should try lemon oil and get rid of these problems at the earliest. It is the best oil for oily hair types.


5. Peppermint Essential Oil:

Peppermint oil is also a very useful essential oil for hair. If you are suffering from hair problems like dry scalp and hair lose, then you should treat your hair with peppermint essential oil. It is also very effective for stimulating hair growth and also provides moisture to your hair and scalp.

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