Acai berries come from the palm tree in South America. Acai berry has been consumed as a traditional food for centuries because of its healing properties. It became even more popular during the last several years.

    Acai berries are considered as super-food around the world with many health benefits. This fruit also relieves numerous health conditions, including arthritis, cancer, low body weight, increased cholesterol levels and erectile dysfunction.

    Acai berries are very rich source of antioxidants, fiber and good fats, but further research is still required. Many types of fruits, except acai, contain antioxidants and nutritive substances which are important for the functioning of the organism. If you like to try acai berries, you should look in the health stores. You can find them fresh or in form of pills and juice.


    Potential Benefits of Acai Berries

    Acai berries contain many substances which can improve your overall health. One acai berry contains high levels of antioxidants, even more than cranberry, blueberry, strawberry or any other type of berries.

    Acai berries can reduce inflammation in the body and possibly slow down the development of cancer cells. Also, some studies have shown that this fruit is very beneficial for the health of your circulatory system.

    Consume Berries for Healthy Heart

    Acai berries contain healthy fatty acids, such as oleic acid which is also found in the olive oil. Acai berries are used as addition in the diet for the people who suffer from high cholesterol levels, heart problems, allergies and cancer.

    However, the potential health benefits of acai are based on preliminary laboratory research. For now, there aren’t particular proofs that could confirm the true health benefits of this fruit.

    Although the health benefits of acai berry aren’t proved, they have been used since ancient times in medicinal purposes.

    Side Effects

    If you eat fresh acai berries, you will not experience any side effects. The fact that further research is required, you should be careful and eat them in limited quantities.


    Acai berries may promote swelling or worsen the existing swellings, increase the blood pressure and cause digestive problems. If you intend to eat berries, you should ask your doctor for advice if you feel any negative changes in your organism.

    Acai are considered as safe if you eat them fresh. Because of the lack of evidences about its safety, acai is not recommended for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Interactions with Other Medications

    If you are using some medication regularly, you should consult with your doctor if you intend to consume acai berries. They may affect on the medication’s effect such as ibuprofen and other painkillers.

    Always consult your doctor before using acai berries if you are taking anti-cancer medications because it could affect their efficiency. Don’t consume acai berries with along with other antioxidant supplements in your diet without consulting a physician.

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