6 Ways to prevent cancer you must know and apply in your everyday life!

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Currently one of the most worrying disease is cancer, of which there are many types and is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide and causes more deaths.

The cancer originates in the cells of the body, so it can appear in any organ or tissue such as lung, colon, breast, bones or nerve tissue. Basically cancer is due to abnormal and uncontrollable cell division in a body part and interferes with the normal functioning of the body’s systems causing damage.

The cause of many cancers remains unknown, but among the risk factors that exist for this disease are genetic problems, chemicals such as benzene, environmental toxins, obesity, virus, or excessive exposure to the sun among others.

Prevention of this disease is a long-term strategy for the control of this disease that can be fatal, and according to studies more than one third of cancers can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle.

We detail below six aspects to consider for the prevention of this disease:

  1. Decrease consumption of charred flesh.

As has been scientifically proven consumption or carbonized charred flesh may increase the risk of developing cancer because when cooked the meat well done can form carcinogens.

These carcinogens are not created when cooking meat baked or cooked, so a good option is to avoid grilled meat well-done and opt for other modes of cooking meat.

  1. Cut consumption of sugary drinks.

Sugary drinks can contribute to developing a variety of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease and even research has shown that sugar-sweetened beverages could significantly increase the risk of developing endometrial cancer.

According to a study, women who drank large amounts of sugary drinks were more likely to develop endometrial cancer by 87%, than women who drank less amounts of these beverages. This could be due to weight gain caused by these sugary drinks.

  1. Give up smoking.

Quitting smoking decreases the incidence of cancer in a major way, as the snuff leads to certain cancers such as lung, throat, larynx, mouth, pancreas, cervix, kidney or bladder.

Cigarettes contain cancer-causing compounds that not only increase the risk of cancer but smokers snuff smoke can also affect passive smoking increasing the risk of suffering from lung cancer.

No smoking and exposure to smoke snuff is a way to prevent cancer.


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