6 Ways Celebrities Are Using Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil is an ancient superfood that has made a recent comeback in popularity due to its versatility and amazing health benefits. It can be used in cooking, as natural medicine, as a natural beauty product, and more. Coconut oil has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that can help cure many bodily ailments. It’s extremely good for the digestive system, and it’s a great natural moisturizer. Some claim that it can decrease wrinkles and cellulite, and can even balance hormones. What can’t this incredible substance do?


Celebrities are jumping on the coconut oil bandwagon now as well. Although it’s very affordable, these stars are discovering that this natural oil works better than the expensive products available to them. Here are six celebrities who are using coconut oil in ways that you can too!

1. Cooking. Jillian Michaels, among others, highly recommends using coconut oil for cooking and baking. It’s a great dairy-free replacement for other fats. Coconut oil has a high smoke point, which means that it won’t break down into harmful toxins like other oils. Coconut oil also promotes weight loss because the body does not store it as fat. It also provides an energy boost that can be used for exercise and physical activity. Consuming coconut oil in this way provides benefits for the immune system and a generally healthier body.

2. Hair Mask. Mindy Kaling says that her mother taught her to use coconut oil as a hair mask. She heats it up, lathers it onto her hair, and wraps her hair in a towel to keep those beautiful locks shining. Coconut oil is a great conditioner, it helps tame frizz, and it works like magic on split ends. You can use it to gently detangle your hair if you have a bird’s nest going on up there. If you are prone to oily hair, try to just use it on the ends and in small amounts.

3. Oil Pulling.

Shalene Woodley is known for using a detoxification procedure called oil pulling. This began as an ancient Ayurvedic ritual for ridding the body of toxins. Simply take a teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes before spitting it out. Studies show that people who used this method effectively reduced bacteria in their mouths. Plaque is fat-soluble, not water-soluble, which is why the oil so effectively dissolves it. Oil pulling with coconut oil also works as a natural teeth whitener.

4. Moisturizer.


Most celebs, including Mandy Moore, use coconut oil as a natural skin moisturizer. Unlike most chemical-filled lotions that simply dry up after they are applied, coconut oil actually penetrates and heals the skin. Remember, a little goes a long way, so only use a small amount. If it seems oily at first, just give it a few minutes to absorb into the skin and dry. The best way to use coconut oil as a moisturizer is right after a shower. Lather it into your face and body, and enjoy the feeling of refreshed and nourished skin.

5. Makeup Remover.


Emma Stone uses coconut oil to remove makeup because of her skin allergies. Sensitive skin isn’t the only good reason to use this oil on your face. Coconut oil is gentle but very effective at removing even the toughest products like waterproof mascara. Simply take a teaspoon of the oil in your fingertips and massage it all over your face and eyelids. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Coconut oil won’t irritate your eyes, and will leave your skin feeling soft.

6. Sun Screen.

Coconut Oil Sunscreeen! #GlowUp

Kelly Osborne loves coconut oil for many reasons, but there’s one in particular that has her excited: natural sun screen! Coconut oil, with an SPF of about 4-6, works as a sun protectant and relieves sunburns all at the same time. If you plan to be outside all day, apply it to your skin regularly. It will also keep your skin hydrated. If you get a sunburn, coconut oil can also soothe the pain and prevent peeling. Use coconut oil to protect your skin and your lips from the sun’s harmful rays.

We know that you’re about to go out right now and buy yourself a jar of this magic oil, but before you do, there are a few things you should know. If you wish to experience the best coconut oil has to offer, it is extremely important that you buy organic unrefined coconut oil. Refined coconut oils are bleached, processed, and mass-produced. Unrefined coconut oils are safely processed in a way that allows the oil to retain its antioxidant properties and health benefits.

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