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There is a medicinal spice so thoroughly supported by modern scientific inquiry, so timelessly interwoven with the origins of human culture and metabolism , as to be unparalleled in its proven benefits to the human well-being and health.

Turmeric is the spice that turns the entire drug-based medical model on its head.  Causing far less side effects than therapeutic ones, as it is the case with most of the patented pharmaceutical medications, turmeric hasmany potential side benefits, demonstrating its positive effect on over than 160 different physiological paths in the human body.6 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World`s Most Important Herb

Turmeric is truly unique in its exceptionally high margin of safety drugs, compared withhydrocortisone, chemotherapy agents and ibuprofen. Furthermore, nothing comes even remotely close to turmeric’s 6,000 year track record of safe use in Ayurvedic medicine, not even the modern-day pharmaceutical armamentarium.

Despite its great potential for soothing human suffering, turmeric due to its lack of exclusivity, patentability and therefore profitability, will likely never receive the FDA stamp of approval. Truth be told, there is an old aphorism: “he who owns the gold makes the rules”, about the FDA’s “gold standard” for proving the value of a prospective medicinal substance, and the FDA-required multi-phased double-blind, randomized clinical trials will not occur unless an investor is willing to risk losing the 800+ million dollars that must be spent upfront.

In a study conducted by GreenMedInfo.com, over 5,000 people abstracts from the National Library of Medicine’s bibliographic database known as MEDLINE have been reviewed and over 600 potential health benefits of turmeric, and/or its primary polyphenol known as curcuminhave been discovered.

Some of the most amazing demonstrated properties include:

  • Protecting Against Radiation-Induced Damage
  • Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease Associated Pathologies
  • Destroying Multi-Drug Resistant Cancer
  • Protecting Against Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Destroying Cancer Stem Cells (arguably, the root of all cancer)
  • Reducing Unhealthy Levels of Inflammation

What is amazingis not that turmeric may improve conditions that are completely resistant to conventional treatment, or that it may have value in dozens of health conditionsin the same time , but that there are over six hundred additional health conditions that can be prevented and/or treated with turmeric. Also considering the fact that turmeric grows freely almost everywhere on the Earth, you will understand why its very existence is a threat to billions of dollars in the pharmaceutical industry business.

You can learn more about this research in the video (keeping in mind that the video is several years old and needs some updating), and please share the information to everyone that may benefit from learning more on the topic).


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