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People are trying to lose weight as quick as possible, which makes them to look for diet regimes that will have immediate effect. They are eager to do everything in order to lose weight faster, including starving. But, besides the efforts they often don’t achieve the desired results. Read on and you will learn why this happens.

  1. You are counting every single calorie

Yes, the calories are important, but the quality of the food is much more important. You can eat one meal a day that contains 400 calories, but this meal is unhealthy and has negative effects. Balance your calories and consume quality food.

  1. Eating small meals

Although, we often read that small meals should be consumed for better control of the appetite and the metabolism, however if your diet is limited at 1200 calories you will find it hard to separate these calories in 6 parts. This means that you cannot eat anything without passing the calorie limit. Also, many times the meal that supposed to be small turns into the big one.

  1. Eating the same food all the time

Don’t eat the same type of food all the time. You must have variety of foods in your diet regime, because it is much healthier and better alternative. Of course, the diversity refers to the healthy nutrients that we consume.

  1. Measuring your body weight every day

Controlling your body weight is nice, but don’t dramatize with this. Measuring your body weight every day will not help you at all. This is especially true for women. According to the experts, hormonal fluctuations may affect water retention and in this moment it is difficult to assess the real body weight. Although you are impatient to see the results, determine a period of one or two weeks and measure your body weight in this period.

  1. Focusing only on exercises

Many people are concentrating only on exercising and running, neglecting the diet and continuing with the unhealthy and caloric diet. According to the experts, weight loss is consisted of 80% carefully chosen diet regime and 20% exercising and other physical activities. You need to walk 18 miles (30km) in order to burn 3.500 calories and lose 2.2 pounds (1kg).

Exercising is very important for weight loss and your overall health, but you must pay attention on your diet as well! The proper diet makes the difference at the end!

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