5 foods that heal you like no medicine does

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There are some foods which heal your body like no medicine does. Here are some Foods that heal you.

Ginger tea: Ginger tea is a great remedy for nausea and stomach acid. Over the years, many old and new studies have proved that ginger tea can be a great help in easing the nausea caused by pregnancy or motion sickness. Though, it is yet to be discovered that what elements present in ginger tea cause this effect, it is surely a great cure for nausea that too without any side effects that are usually caused by allopathic medicines.

A cup of ginger tea with ingredients

A cup of ginger tea with ingredients

Basil: Basil is known to be an effective ingredient to cure stomach problems. Basil contains A compound called “Eugenol” which prevents the stomach from cramps, nausea, diarrhea etc by killing harmful bacteria. Eugenol has an antispasmodic property that helps it in killing the bacteria. Make it a habit to use fresh basil in sauces or salads for a healthier stomach.



Pear: Pear, the fruit of the summers, is an excellent remedy to control the high cholesterol level of the body. A pear of medium size contains approximately five grams of dietary fiber. This dietary fiber is usually stored in the body in the form of A compound called “Pectin”. Pectin helps the body in flushing out harmful cholesterol present in your body. This harmful cholesterol can cause a heart disease or even a fatal heart attack.


Honey: Honey is a sweet and very helpful cure for cough and cold. Researches have shown that a considerably small amount of honey can be more effective for curing cough than the allopathic medicines, especially in the case of children. Honey contains antioxidants and antimicrobial qualities can help in soothing the inflamed throat, causing the rash and soreness to decrease.


Cabbage:  This leafy vegetable is used often in every household. Cabbage is an excellent food to cure stomach ulcers. Cabbage contains a compound called “Sulforaphane”. This powerful compound found in cabbage kills the bacteria in the body that cause gastric and peptic ulcers. Only 34 calories of cabbage contains three grams of dietary fiber and it also provides 75% of Vitamin C.






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