5 ancient remedies that always work to combat cold and flu

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Colds and coughs are a very common condition that can affect any season, especially during seasonal changes.

Children are prone to this type of common condition that usually presents symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, headache and muscle aches and nasal congestion, which usually improve after 3 or 4 days.

For the treatment of colds there are different natural remedies that are effective and help to get rid of this condition quickly and without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly used to treat the symptoms.

Some of the best natural remedies for cold and cough are:

1. gargle for sore throat.

To alleviate sore throat, a symptom of the common cold, gargle with warm salt water helps reduce inflammation in the area causing pain and helps lighten the mucus and remove irritants throat.

2. Ginger to treat dry cough.

Ginger is one of the great foods that help alleviate various health problems and ailments and including dry cough.

His expectorants, antitussive, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties are effective for treating counter cold and cough, and helps strengthen the immune system to cope with the conditions.

Simply you have to cut a piece of root ginger, sprinkle a little salt on top and chewing ginger for a couple of minutes to relieve dry cough.

A ginger tea and tulsi leaves is also a good remedy to treat cold and cough.

3. Garlic.

The antimicrobial properties of garlic help fight cold symptoms naturally and is effective in treating other related flu or bronchitis and other diseases.

Saute 4 or 4 peeled garlic with a teaspoon of ghee and consume the mixture while hot.

You can also include garlic in the preparation of their dishes like soups or stews that help eliminate or allergies.

4. Honey, lemon and linen to clear airways.

Honey and lemon are two natural antibiotics that help relieve inflammation and flax seeds help clear bronchial passages.

Boil some flax seeds in water until thick and add honey and lemon mixture, this mixture acts as a potent antibiotic that relieves cough and cold symptoms.

5. Black pepper for soft cough.

Pepper helps stimulate circulation and flow of mucus and can help relieve sore throat.

Prepare a herbal tea and add some freshly ground black pepper and two tablespoons of honey to relieve symptoms counter cold and help eliminate soft cough.

Use any of the natural remedies that we have indicated for the treatment of common cold symptoms without using any nonprescription drug.

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