Fitness trainers around the world who work with different clients everyday agreed that the following three mistakes prevent us to achieve the ideal body weight. Find out which are these mistakes and avoid them if you intend to lose some weight.


    1. Sudden changes in your habits

    Pushing our body too hard or subjecting it on some strict diet regime is something that we all decide to do in order to lose some weight. The fitness and healthy diet are true friends of the slim line, but you shouldn’t exaggerate with them. Especially if your body don’t correspond with them and you torture yourself, instead of enjoying in the healthy habits and burning your excess fat. Don’t push too hard with the exercises at the beginning and remember, you will achieve slim line if you go slower.

    1. Impatience

    You must accept the fact that the weight loss is long process, which means that you need to be patient in order to achieve positive results. Anyway, why starting exercising if you don’t intend to continue with it for longer period of time? Even if you get the body of your dreams in the first month and then you quit- next month you will lose control and your body will be the same as two months before. If the things aren’t going as planned at the beginning- don’t quit!

    1. Repetition

    When we exercise frequently it becomes a routine and we repeat the same exercises over and over again. The best example for this is the treadmill- if you run 3 miles every day, every time you run your body becomes a little bit stronger and faster and actually it becomes lighter. This means that every time you run 3 miles your body will burn less calories because this exercise becomes easier with every repetition. You must challenge your body every time you exercise which will allow you to achieve your goals easier and improve your body significantly.

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