18 Problems That you Might Have with your Vagina and How to Recognize Them!


If you notice some changes in your vagina, even though most of them are normal there are still some conditions which you shouldn’t ignore.

Here are the 18 most common problems:

1. You forget something inside

Gynecologists claim that women often forget tampons in their vaginas. They realize that something is not normal by the bad odor. Gynecologists also have found other things like pieces from diaphragm or broken parts from sex toys.

2 . You found a bump

If you find a bump, than do not panic. If the bump on the vagina is painful, than it could be a Bartolin gland. This is quite common condition and it can be treated with coatings. In case the pain is severe visit a doctor.

There is another type of bump that happens due to clogged pores and ducts. They are not dangerous as well, but if they are painful you must visit a doctor.

3. Inflammation of hair follicles

Typically it appears as pimple and sometimes a scar can remain. It can appear due to depilation, sweating, Jacuzzi or shaving.  Warm coating is used in this type of inflammation.

4. Skin Problems

Psoriasis, eczema and even skin cancer can appear on the intimate part’s skin. So it is advisable to make regular checkups.

5. Vaginal varicose veins

According to doctors, these types of veins often appear in pregnant women. They appear as a result of long sitting or standing. There is no cure and they often retreat without any treatment.

6. The vagina is unable to get wet

If you have this problem, do not panic immediately. It can be caused by breastfeeding, pills against allergy, birth control pills etc. Consult a doctor or try using lubricants.

7. You feel vaginal itching and vaginal discharge

Fungal infection often causes the symptoms mentioned above. Fungal infection occurs due to imbalance of vaginal pH as a result of wearing wet bathing suits, using antibiotics or diabetes. This problem is treated with vaginal cream and capsules.

8. White secretion with unpleasant odor

Vaginosis often results in unpleasant smell, white vaginal discharge and burning feeling. These bacteria often appear as a result of imbalance of vaginal pH as well. Vaginal or oral drugs can help with this medical condition.

9. Itching and burning  sensation

These symptoms may appear due to fungal infections or some sexually transmitted diseases as syphilis, chlamydia or gonorrhea. Run some tests to find out.

10. When you trying to put something the vagina is tightening

Sexual dysfunction in women is known as   Vaginismus. The vaginal muscles constrict and in that way block the penetration. This condition is painful and you need to visit a doctor.

11. You cannot put a tampon

Some women are born with thick hymen and in this case neither putting tampons nor sex is possible. A surgery is needed.

12. Awkward, constant itchiness down there

Apart from sexually transmitted disease this condition can occur as a result of skin irritation. It often appears after swimming in the sea, wearing synthetic underwear, unsuitable shower gel etc. You should wash the intimate part with clean water only. If you still feel the itching than the problem may be more serious.

13. Constant need for toilet and burning sensation

Urinary infection may be the problem. It can be transmitted sexually and you need to take antibiotics.

14. You feel pain in the vagina

If you feel pain during intercourse than you may consider these problems- endometriosis, infection, dryness and menstruation. Visit a gynecologist as soon as possible.

15. You feel pain inside in the vagina

Vulvodynia can cause severe pain in the vagina. If it is a specific and severe pain ,you need to describe it precisely to your doctor so he/she could help you.

16. Bleeding but it is not a menstruation

Bleeding after intercourse can be caused by infection, vaginal dryness or cancer although sometimes small bleeding is normal.

17. Have vaginal bubbles

These symptoms may appear due to genital herpes or HPV. You need to run some tests although there is not cure for these conditions,in order to protect your partner.

18.Have frequent pain, secretion, painful sex and fever

Chlamydia and gonorrhea may be the cause of these symptoms. If you have these symptoms with frequent urination and vomiting, visit a doctor. If discovered on time it can be treated, but if not it can cause infertility.


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