15-Year-Old Puts Cancer Industry to Shame: Develops 100% Accurate Cancer Test Using Google

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It may sound unbelievable, but a 15-year-old has invented a revolutionary method to diagnose lethal forms of cancer.Jack Andraka is 15 years old, comes from Crownsville, Maryland and has been dubbed The Teen Prodigy of pancreatic cancer.

After a close friend of his passed away from pancreatic cancer, he decided he wanted to do something instead of just accepting thing as they are. He started to work intensely on the issue and the results were amazing.

When it comes to pancreatic cancer the statistics are devastating. Because of its late detection, pancreatic cancer is currently the 4th leading cause of cancer related death, with 34.000 deaths reported so far. What’s even more tragic, the methods for pancreatic cancer detection haven’t changed in 60 years, are very expensive (800$), and on top of all this they fail to detect as far as 30% of all pancreatic cancers.


Jack’s main focus was to come up with a way to diagnose pancreatic cancer in the early stages, having in mind that early detection is crucial and knowing that no such methods were available thus far. Suprisingly, he succeeded in his intention.

The test Jack invented is revolutionary because it costs only 3 cents, lasts 5 minutes and is 100% accurate. It uses the two main online resources – Google and Wikipedia and is available to everyone who has access to the Internet.

This extraordinary boy-wonder invented a test which is not only 100% accurate, but compared to previous methods of detection it’s 168 times faster,300 times cheaper, and 400 times more sensitive, which makes it 100% more effective.

This young boy has humiliated the cancer industry with his revolutionary invention and has made a huge contribution to cancer treatments while being just 15-years old.

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