We can easily grow plants in our house. They don’t require too much space, and will always provide you with fresh ingredients for any dish or drink you are preparing. You will also save some money. Here is the list of 10 healing plants that you can and should grow at your home.


    Basil leaves contain essential oils which have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Basil is also rich source of iron and vitamin A. You can prepare a


    Sage has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is recommended for high blood pressure and diabetes. It cleanses the blood and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.


    This plant is highly recommended for cancer patients. It has diuretic properties, which means it can be used for removal of the excess fluids from the body, strengthening the urinary tract and kidneys. Its leaves are rich in vitamin C. The bite-sized leaves are suitable for salads because of their sour taste, similar to lemon. Also, you can add them in your soups and sauces. If you intend to grow this plant you will need moist, but well drained soil. This plant grows in areas with little sunshine and partly shadow. It will not develop well in hot areas.


    Coriander is very helpful in the process of cleansing the organism from heavy metals. It can be great addition for your salads as well.


    Geranium strengthens the immune system and improves the process of regeneration in the organism. It has the unique ability to oxidize the cells which makes it one of the herbs that are very effective in treating cancer. You should prepare a tea from this fresh plant.

    Lemon Balm

    It is a great addition for your salads. This plant reduces the stress and anxiety, improves the sleep and speeds up the healing process in colds.


    Parsley is great for strengthening the immune system, helps in the removal of the excess liquids from the body and is very beneficial for the nervous system and the bones. It eliminates the bad breath very effectively.


    Rosemary contains two acids which are very good antioxidants and act anti-inflammatory. It is rich in vitamin E. Add rosemary in your cooked meals and you will reduce the carcinogenic substances that promote tumor development. Rosemary is a perennial plant, which means it can grow in dry soil.


    This herb can be used as an addition for your salads, juices, desserts, etc. Mint is very beneficial for the digestion. It also refreshes the breath. It grows very fast.


    It contains vitamins A, B and C. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. It is very beneficial for the digestive system. The thyme tea is delicious.

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